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What To Expect When Selling!

What to Expect When You’re Selling!


How will home showings work?

          Showings will be requested from you through our Showingtime program.

This can be by call, text, or email, or all the above.  While we reeeally encourage you to accommodate any buyer’s showing request, if it cannot be done, please give notes in Showingtime why it cannot be shown, and other days/times that would be best.  We do not want to lose any potential buyers! Agents and buyers may not be at your home the entire time of the showing, as they can be showing multiple properties and overlapping a bit, but please leave the home for the time requested.  Please leave the lights on before scheduled showings!


What is this lockbox thing you put on our door?

The house/garage keys are kept in an electronic lockbox that agents/home inspectors/appraisers can access with their association key card.  This also helps us track who is in and out of your home.  We also program our lockboxes with a code if you need to access the lockbox.


What should I expect after we accept an offer on our home?


         *Inspections – can Seller be present?

The home inspection day/time will be requested through Showingtime just like a showing would be.  If you’re able to leave during the requested time, please do so.  If not, you may stay until the home inspector is finishing up.  The buyer will arrive for a short meeting with the inspector at the end of the inspection, and we prefer the seller to step out during this time.  The home inspector will let you know if the buyer is planning on coming or not.  Please make sure utilities are on and the inspector has clear access to electrical panel, attic & crawlspace entrances, and move cars from garage.



         *Appraisal—can Seller be present?

The appraisal day/time will also be requested through Showingtime.  You do not need to leave during the appraisal, but if you will not be home, the appraiser will access your home using the lockbox.  They prefer to be left alone and will take approximately 20-30 minutes at your home. The appraisal report is the property of the buyer, and therefor we will not receive a copy of the report or the value the home was given.  We will only receive notice that the appraisal came back to the buyer’s lender and it met the contract price or not.  We usually expect to receive this information about two weeks after the appraisal appointment.  Please also make the crawl & attic accessible, as some will need to take a peak.



If your home was beautifully staged, we will need to pick up our items before closing (don’t worry—you won’t have more to pack and move!)  We usually do this after the appraisal and inspections have been completed.  We will make arrangements with you for our staging crew to load up items before closing time.  If you are currently living in your home, we ma ask you to gather the staging items so our crew doesn’t accidentally take your personal items.


        *Sold sign

We have made it this far to add a SOLD sign to the yard!  We usually wait to do this once inspections and appraisal has been completed and we are smooth sailing to the closing table.  We usually add this when we pick up our staging items unless you request to add sooner.


When should I have utilities turned off?

         We advise to call all utility companies (don’t forget internet, phone, and garbage!) at least a week before closing to notify them of your move and have them do a final meter reading the day of closing.  Don’t call too early in case there are delays with closing.  Home insurance shouldn’t be cancelled until AFTER closing.


How can I know what my proceeds will be of my sale?

         If you are a seller, we would be happy to make a net sheet for you so you know what approximate dollar amount to expect back at closing time.  Don’t forget that Illinois property taxes are paid in arrears, so there is usually some property taxes that are collected at closing time.

          If you are a buyer, that estimate would come from your bank.  Both parties will get their final closing statement 1-3 days before closing.


How long does a closing last?

         Closing at the title company will usually last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour.  We will reach out to all parties about three weeks prior to closing to lock down a closing time that works best for everyone.  We usually advise notifying your work supervisors when a closing date has been established that you may need to leave work for a bit.  We can always make arrangements with the title company where you could pre-sign your closing documents if you cannot attend the closing (only if you are the seller).  The closing date is usually the date on the contract on page 2.  It very rarely changes.


Do I need to have my home professionally cleaned before closing?

While every new homeowner would love to move into a sparkly clean home, you do not have to have the home professionally cleaned if it is in move-in ready condition.  The purchase contract requests the seller to leave the home in “broom-clean condition and free of debris and any personal items.”  Don’t forget to clean appliances!  Some buyers prefer to have left-over paint, but twenty years of left-over paint they may not appreciate. Please leave current cans of paint, building materials, leftover siding and shingles with the home.  Any furniture needs to be removed unless negotiated or communicated with your buyer.



When do I need to be moved out of the house I’m selling?

The seller needs to be completely moved out of the home before the time of closing.  The new buyer will receive ownership at this time, including all keys and garage door openers.  We recommend movers come the day before closing as things can happen and we don’t want there to be any delays with your closing.


Other reminders:

Using a moving company?  Get on their schedule ASAP—they fill up fast!!

Keep your yard and landscaping mowed and tidy.  First impressions are everything! Keep the garage door closed.

Pleeeease don’t lock your screen door! (especially if the lockbox is on the front door!)

If you leave your lights on for a showing and want them turned off when they leave, or would like them to be left on for the next showing, please leave the showing agents a note.

If you want agents to not lock a door (to garage, for example) or need to have a door left open for a pet, please leave a note, as well.